1. In which country is Elitebiz registered?
– Elitebiz is registered in Hong Kong.

2. What is the website of Elitebiz?

3. How do participate in Elitebiz?
– Investor can participate in the basic and advanced courses of Elitebiz, and with the addition of USD 50,000, they can participate in live stock trading.
– Investors can also participate by becoming a member on the Midasama platform and then participating in a risk neutralization mechanism.

4. How to pay?
– Pay in the collection payment gateway. (ppt will write the steps)
– Local Depositor
– TT amount + 50 USD

5. What is the exchange rate for deposits and withdrawals?
– Deposits and withdrawals based on the bank’s exchange rate on the day.

6. How can I contact Elitebiz? If you want to ask some questions, who are you looking for?
– WeChat Elitebizsupport
– Mail enquiry@elitebiz.academy

7. Why does Elitebiz want to cooperate with OTC?
– Elitebiz will sign up with many other powerful OTC or Hong Kong second-list listed companies and work with their company on the main board so that our investors can invest in IPOs in various fields to achieve In the case of diversified investment, you can get a high return.

8. What does the advanced class teach?
– Advanced classes will teach investors how to be a market maker in the stock market and let investors practice the practice.

9. In which press conference or webpage was released at the press conference on July 13th?
– See https://investor.econnez.com/x/event-gallery/

10. How can the short film of the press conference on July 13 be searched?

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